Jersey Shore Digi​-​12"

by Tru Statement Entertainment

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(free) 02:55


This is a lyrical response to the unjustified, and on many occasions justified, portrayal of the Jersey Shore and it's beautiful people by certain entertainment channels and reality shows.

Upon release, there will be a mere 120 days remaining until Memorial Day. Please report immediately to your local gym, tanning booth and hair salon and get ready, it's coming...


released January 31, 2010

Lyrics By: Baldi
Produced By: Nathan "the1shanti" Laskar
Released By: laskar music




all rights reserved
Track Name: Jersey Shore - Baldi
Depending where you start, its a trip down the Garden State
Take local to dodge traffic, exit 102 or 98
To the great escape, the place where dreams lay await
Soaked in Jager bombs & hair paint
And yea the fist pumps, harder than when bears mate
But half bare ladies, help tolerance to care
Naked, take this, drink that, keep pace kid
Night into morning, from the Osprey to the basement
Whiskey shots, without a thing to chase with
Trips to the porcelain, not sure you'll even make it
Yo, from Belmar down to Bayhead
Seaside, Pt. Pleasant, Mannasquan you'll taste it
Shook by, the mayhem that your faced with
Juiced up Staten boys sluggin' people tasteless
Blow outs blow up cause blow tests patience
A Jersey shore night, the tradition here is ageless

Jersey Shore, oh...You don't know
Jersey Shore, oh...You don't know
Something you've never heard before, no...You don't know
I'm talkin' 'bout the Jersey Shore, oh...You don't know

You got the cougars at Columns who traded booze for the bottles
Looking for young dudes, to abuse & to coddle
A waddle down to D'Jais, Affliction shirts, tribal bands
Laughing at the drunken one night stands holdin' hands
Guidettes out, searchin' for a swollen man
Parker House for poppin collar well to does & cover bands
Headliners, Bar A, do you even understand?
If Jersey is an ethnic group, the shore is deemed the motherland
Italian broads, soakin' in their summer tans
Teens in their parents place, weed outta window fans
Don't give a damn how MTV portrays it
More fun for us the more the country learns to hate this
If you only think of it as roid rage & fake tits
Your reason for judgment is most definitely baseless
Face it, it doesn't matter what your case is
If Jersey is the theater then the shore is where the stage is